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Stop Animation

The People’s Climate March PSA | 2014 

Animation by Elizabeth Press & Caroline Samponaro

A PSA about the People's Climate March in New York City on September 21, 2014. Music by Rude Mechanical Orchestra.



As a hobby, I have been making stop-animation sketches since 2003.

“Power”  | 2014 

Animation by Elizabeth Press & Caroline Samponaro.

The audio is a recording of Adrienne Rich reading her poem called Power.



Winter Rider | 2012

Shot and edited by Elizabeth Press

Graphics by Caroline Samponaro

Chronicling a 15 mile bike adventure from brownstone Brooklyn to the beach in Queens, Winter Rider is a snapshot into winter surfing on the east coast.  Winter Riders tend to convene at family owned, Boarder’s Surf Shop, in the Rockaways, for hot showers and community but are not yet large enough a crowd to keep Rockaway Taco open year-round. Shot on a 18 degree January day in Brooklyn and Queens with a LomoKino camera.

Raised Crosswalk | 2008

This stop-animation Streetfilm illustrates the advantages of adding a raised crosswalk.

Raised crosswalks are Speed Tables outfitted with crosswalk markings and signage to channelize pedestrian crossings, providing pedestrians with a level street crossing. Also, by raising the level of the crossing, pedestrians are more visible to approaching motorists.

Raised crosswalks are good for locations where pedestrian crossings occur at haphazard locations and vehicle speeds are excessive.

Previous animation:  Chicanes (:24)

Mike Burke For President | 2003

Animated by Andrew Lynn & Elizabeth Press

There is an amazing person - Mike Burke. There is a great band - Parts and Labor. They wrote a song called 'Mike Burke for President' and we created this animation to highlight just how great Mike Burke is. Guest appearances: Judith Miller, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ahmed Chalabi. 

Additional Animations:


The Gay Bomb | 2008 | Elizabeth Press & Caroline Samponaro


Flat | 2008 | Elizabeth Press & Caroline Samponaro


Infested | 2008 | Elizabeth Press & Caroline Samponaro


Congestion Pricing | 2007| Elizabeth Press & Caroline Samponaro

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