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Caregiving Projects

A Drawing Out :: Lactic Orchestration
Angela Beallor and Michelle Temple
with Vicki Kereszi, Chanda Lindsay, & Heather Marsh
Video projection - Angela Beallor and Elizabeth Press (EP)

Video Documentation - Elizabeth Press (EP)

Live performance featuring six stereo pairs of amplified breast pumps, one contact mic, one amplified phantom pump, audio track, live mixing, and digital projection. 

This performance centers on an amplification of the pumps’ machinations. The rhythmic sound of the extractive forces as well as the erratic sound of body and milk. Pumping is a task, a chore, a necessity. That which extracts and collects milk. That which tethers pumper to machine. Tethers feeder to eater. That which nourishes a baby.

Documentation of November 30, 2018 performance.

Link to just the video projection:

Pandemic Letters: #1 for Sylvan

Single-channel video May 2020

This video was made for FEMeeting Web 2020

This video was created at what we considered to be the beginning of the pandemic as we were trying to figure out how to cope with our new existence under lockdown and how to communicate this new reality to our child. My partner and collaborator Angela Beallor helped record the video, shooting on a DSLR with a macro lens. Our kid turned three right before I wrote this.

Pandemic Letters: #3 for Sylvan (again)

Single-channel video February 2022

This video was created almost three years into the Covid 19 pandemic as an update to the video Pandemic Letter #1 for Sylvan. Footage in this video is shot on various iPhones showing the progression of time from when the pandemic started and our child was two years old until just before their fifth birthday.   So far, we have survived this pandemic with little personal loss but not without the stresses that come along with constantly being on for work, for our family, and for our community. 

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